Proven Marketing Strategies To Help Small Businesses Grow

Are You Getting Your Message in Front of the Right Prospects for Your Business?
Proven Marketing Strategies To Help Small Businesses Grow

Our Online Marketing Agency Offers...

A Complete Online Marketing Strategy

We deliver a comprehensive report that identifies where your potential customers are looking for information online, what questions they are asking and what method of communication will help you reach them most effectively.

Inbound Marketing

What is inbound marketing you may ask? It simply means bringing the right leads to your door (your website door that is) when they are ready. Our inbound marketing agency will help you to capture the right leads by optimizing your website for the questions consumers are asking, driving more traffic to you, ranking for more keywords and capturing more leads by creating a more user-friendly website.

Content Marketing

Our long experience and success with content marketing leaves us committed to advocating it as one of the foundations of any online marketing strategy. Whether using content to rank for high value keywords that drive the right traffic to your site or producing resources that position you as a thought leader and generate real leads, content marketing is the foundation of any successful marketing strategy.
Google Ads Marketing

Brand Marketing

Most businesses begin their marketing journey without truly understanding who their target customers are and what they want. By developing a clear brand identity and strategy, you will not only help customers understand who you are and the value you provide, but it will narrow your focus and allow you to identify your own mission and identity as a company – don’t underestimate the power of a clear brand marketing strategy.

Buyer Persona Generation

Want to know who your customers are and what they are searching for online? We analyze your business and your competitors to create a comprehensive analysis of your target customer, what they are searching for online and what questions they need answered before they purchase and present this to you in a tailor-made format.

Video Marketing

Most marketing companies out there only deliver packages that look at the more technical elements of marketing, however at Wunderbar, we have some serious expertise in video marketing strategy and production. Our video services involve creating a comprehensive video strategy (including a YouTube and LinkedIn analysis) that involves identifying your target audience, developing an entire campaign concept, (including brand videos, campaign videos, customer stories) script writing and quality video production.

PPC Marketing

Want to run a Google Ads campaign but don’t want to throw money into the wind? We understand how to run PPC marketing campaigns that keep costs down and target specific keywords with the most value to get your business quality leads that have the potential to become customers. Our goal is to produce cost-effective search engine marketing for your business.
Google Ads Marketing
Web Design Wunderbar Marketing & SEO Solutions

Web Design


We design and manage your website according to GDPR standards! After a fairly priced one-off installation charge, our monthly carefree website bundle includes continuous backups, system-updates, website security management, technical SEO, as well as installation and management of the domain(s), databanks, and webspace. 

About Our Process

How We Build Your Brand From Start-to-finish

March 23, 2020

Web Design & Management

– We offer our Website Carefree Bundle at an affordable rate. No waste of money, no waste of time.

March 23, 2020

We Build Your Brand and Online Marketing Strategy

March 23, 2020

SEO Audit to Diagnose Website Issues, Branding Issues, Content Issues

– Find out what can be improved and what needs to change

March 23, 2020

Comprehensive Keyword Research (Including Competitor Research)

– See where your competitors are succeeding and how you can make prospects come to you instead

March 23, 2020

On-site Optimization for Your Website

– Optimize your website to rank higher for search terms, gain more traffic and get more leads

March 23, 2020

A Content Strategy That Targets Keywords

– We have no time for bad content and you shouldn’t either. We create content of value targeting keywords of value that will rank


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