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Video marketing can be one of the most important and effective content channels of communication you can use when it is accompanied by a great strategy.

However, when it’s done wrong it can be a major waste of time, money and resources.

Here’s what you need to know.

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Creating a Video Marketing Strategy That Works

What Is Video Marketing?

Video is a very powerful communication tool. Perhaps the most powerful way of telling a story to your existing customers or prospects. 

And whether you are trying to educate potential customers on your product or service, build brand awareness or create a loyalty campaign to keep your existing customers coming back for more, video marketing is a great way of cutting to the heart of a subject and delivering a message in a very compelling way.

What Are the Different Types of Video Marketing?

When people ask us ‘what is video marketing?’, I always reply with, it depends largely on what you are trying to achieve. 

There are many different video formats that you can use to communicate to prospects and customers:

  • Vlog
  • Animation 
  • Brand video
  • Webinar 
  • Presentation 
  • Tutorial  
  • Customer testimonial
  • Newsletters 
  • YouTube Tips/ ‘How to’ videos
Video Marketing Strategy

In order to create a comprehensive and effective video marketing strategy you need to answer an initial question:

‘Why do you want to create a video?’ 

As someone who has created video strategies from scratch for many organisations in the past, I can tell you that you need to have a more solid reason for producing video than ‘everyone else is doing it’. 

  • What do you hope to gain from video?
  • How much are you prepared to pay?
  • What channels do you want to use video on?

Are you a B2C company, or a B2C company?

If you are in the B2C column, I would say that video is nearly always the most effective method of communication, if you are working for a B2C organisation, it’s a little more complicated and you are going to need a very clear video strategy. 

Creating a Video Plan: Define Your Goals

Let’s look at some possible goals you could have in your video plan:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Explaining who you are and what you do
  • Establishing the USP (unique selling point of the product/service)
  • Build Trust
  • Establish Thought leadership
  • Educating existing customers
  • Retaining current customers
  • Promoting successes with customers
What Is Your Video Budget?

First of all, a lot of your choices will be decided by budget. What is your budget?

Video is expensive. And getting quality work produced at a low price is difficult – a really good freelancer could get around this – but good freelancers are hard to find, could prove unreliable and not always willing to work on B2B projects (B2C is often more interesting).  

One of the first videos I ever created with a company was with an external agency. It took me months of work to identify a company that produced quality work at a reasonable price.

By reasonable, I mean $35,000

If you think this is a lot of money to pay for video creation, you are right. But an agency usually has to pay for conceptual development, script writing, a camera person, a sound engineer, a lighting person, editing and visual effects, actor(s), a director, a voice over artist, licensing for music, locations even lunch for the crew etc… 

The more people that are involved in a shoot, the more expensive it becomes. Shoots with some of the best video agencies can start in the $500,000 range and grow form there. 

Sure, you can find agencies that will work with whatever budget you have, but you have to understand that there will inevitably be constraints to what you can pull off based on your budget.

This is why you need to produce a comprehensive video plan and video strategy right from the start.

Practical Tips for Creating Great Business Videos    

This really comes down to what are you willing to do yourself?

You can create a business video for free if you are willing to write it, shoot it, edit it and get actors from within your own company.

There are many YouTube tips and tutorials that will teach you how. Just be aware that even a basic video can become incredibly time consuming to edit yourself. It might be a better idea to capture your own business video and outsource editing or just use one videographer who also does editing. 

You’ll need to pay for these videos, but they will be much cheaper than what an agency would produce and if you choose the right freelancers, the quality can be just as good. Just remember though…

Marketing Video Production Is Not Easy

I have found that even after identifying and working with some of the best freelancers and editors out there that someone at your organisation (or a marketing agency you choose to oversee the project) will need to be or become an expert in marketing video production. 

I have produced many good quality videos, for around the $4,000 – 5,000 mark that are just as good as agencies that charge 10 – 20 times that amount, with much more freedom. 

But there is something you need to understand, a freelance videographer/editor will not know your business or how you want to communicate your product. They will almost always need direction in the form of a script, a storyboard and a shot-for-shot explanation of what they are required to create.

The question then becomes, how much work are you prepared to do to create a video that’s cheap but good?

Creating a great story takes time. 

And you need to realise that the two things you can do in-house will take the most time…

Creating a Script

The script needs to be tight, every word needs to be accounted for and meaningful for the video because you are going to need to storyboard it later. 

Creating a Storyboard

Every shot needs to be accounted for and if you need to see a shoot in your head before it takes place and be able to communicate this to the videographer. If you do this well, your video will most likely turn out exactly how you want it to.

Formulating Your Video Marketing Strategy

If you are starting your video marketing from scratch, you’ll need to plan exactly what makes sense to create in-house and what you need to get made externally (not just our brand videos, but campaign videos, customer testimonials and educational videos produced by our in-house talent).

If it’s a brand video, the quality needs to look and feel professional because it is going to be a visual representation of your brand. 

It should cover these steps:

  • Present an authentic message 
  • Be very, very clear and concise
  • Be different and creative
  • Grab attention right from the beginning and put the viewer ‘off-balance’
  • Address pain points
  • It needs to be a representation of your values

Your video plan should have three tiers:

  1. What you can produce in-house (for free)
  2. What you can outsource to a freelancer (for a small cost)
  3. What you can outsource to an agency (a much larger cost)
Video Marketing Services 

At the end of the day, there is no reason why you can’t create video in-house, but you probably won’t be able to do this for every video. 

You will probably need at least one video that looks, sounds and feels professional, which is why video marketing services should be a consideration (in some form or another) by every company. 

Wunderbar Marketing & SEO Solutions has our own video marketing services which we are very proud of. We produce quality concepts and videos for a low price – compared with other agencies. 

The reason we are able to do this is because of our network of very effective and efficient freelancers, because we don’t add unnecessary extras and because we produce the most difficult aspects of marketing videos in-house:

  • We get to the heart of what your business needs video to address
  • We come up with a concept for the video
  • We write a script for the video
  • We storyboard the video
  • I am personally involved in directing every shoot

If you are interested in utilising our help to come up with a video plan, and using video for business marketing purposes, then please contact us directly below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote for your project.


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