Problems We Solve


Do you not know where to start? Are you disappointed by your lack of website traffic, leads or sales? Are you tired of wasting your time and money on PPC campaigns that do not work?

Sounds like we should have a chat. We offer no-nonsense online marketing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, service providers, as well as B2B and B2C companies. 


"we don't know where to start"

We hear this a lot - when you have just started out, marketing your business can be confusing. We can provide the right guidance to send you on your way.

"No one knows about my brand"

Finding it difficult to increase brand awareness? By developing a sound branding strategy, we can help you spread the word about your products or services.

"We need PPC campaigns"

You want to sell or increase brand awareness, but without wasting a lot of money and time on stuff that doesn't work? We can set up and manage your PPC campaigns.

"my website isn't getting traffic"

You would like to improve your website's search engine ranking but do not know how? We can help you optimise your website to increase website traffic.

"I Am not getting any leads"

You have website traffic and PPC campaigns, but no leads coming in? We can help you identify the problem, and then develop short- and long-term solutions.

"wE are not selling"

So you have the leads coming in but they are not buying? By identifying the issue and adjusting your marketing strategy, we can generate more qualified leads.

Wunderbar Marketing & SEO Solutions - Who We Are

“To me, successful online marketing is all about honest customer contact. You don't need another company promising you the world.

You need realistic marketing solutions, and someone who picks up the phone when you have a question.”
Lynn Dudenhoefer
CEO & Marketing Consultant
Wunderbar Marketing & SEO Solutions Berlin Immobilienvermarktung

We are a small marketing agency based in both Braunschweig & Berlin. Our core objective is quality before quantity, which is why we only focus on a few customers at a time. We cover the whole range of marketing services for small to medium-sized businesses all over Europe. 

We believe in no-nonsense marketing solutions. If you have questions, you can expect honest answers. 

"Even small businesses should have a marketing budget. Your customers are looking for answers online - so that is where you have to respond.

Our approach is unique because we only work with a handful of clients at a time so that we can provide valuable assistance 24/7."
Brad Fagan Wunderbar Marketing & SEO Solutions
Brad Fagan
Marketing Insights Specialist

What our customers think

"Other marketing agencies did not listen to the reality of our situation, which was that we needed to sell fast. Lynn and Brad listened, were proactive and created a tailored marketing plan that generated valuable leads for us."