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In this short article, I want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Google Search vs Google Display Ads. Both serve very different purposes, and only if you use them accordingly, you will be able to run a successful Google AdWords campaign. 

Google search vs google display ads


PPC campaigns such as Google AdWords can help you reach short-term goals in the business world. However, you need to know the difference between the ad formats to avoid wasting time and money. 


Why You Should Use Google Ads


The confusion is real: most first-time business owners I have talked to have heard of Google Ads, but have no idea whether their business could benefit from it. In addition, many are unaware of the differences between the campaign formats offered by Google. 

In this short article I will provide a very brief explanation of the differences between Google Search and Google Display ads. 

PPC campaigns, and in particular Google Ads, are a great way of increasing brand awareness, website traffic and conversions. According to the 2020 HubSpot List of Marketing Statistics, PPC ads actually yield the best results when used in combination with SEO tactics. In other words, you should not use PPC as the only marketing strategy for your business success. 

What Are Google Search Ads?

In my experience, Google Search Ads are a powerful marketing tool. The search network ads target a search intent (i.e. active searchers who know what kind of service/ product they are looking for). 

When using Google Search Ads, you should make sure to also use the ad extensions such as additional website links, phone numbers, opening hours and your address. This way, the user is more likely to click on your ad. 

Search Ads are best for capturing intent, and for increasing conversions. One of the most common misconceptions is that you’d need a big budget to run a Google Search Ad campaign. Even with a smaller budget you will be able to get qualified leads. 

What Are Google Display Ads? 


Interestingly, most marketers use Google Display Ads exclusively for remarketing purposes. For the most part, this happens after they have had an incredible success with the Search Ads at a great ROI. 

Remarketing means nothing other than to show your ads to users who have already clicked on the ads, but then did not convert for some reason (e.g. they bounced from your landing page). 

However, even though clicks on the Display Network are cheap, the conversion rate is less than one percent. This is the case simply because the people targeted by the Google Display Ads do not have real search intent. 

Most likely, they are not looking for a specific service or product. They may be on the internet for totally different reasons – for example, to check their Facebook feed. To target a different user behaviour, you will need a different ads strategy. This simple visualisation by Unbounce makes evident that Display visitors start at the awareness stage of the marketing funnel: 


So what are Display Ads good for then? They work best to increase brand awareness and visibility, which is also important.  It is your job to make users aware of your existence, and then of your product and services. Display Ads can help you do this. 



Put simply, the Search network responds to an already existing demand, whereas the Display network is meant to create a demand. 


One of the most common misconceptions is that you need an insane budget to run a successful Google Ads campaign. In the end, the budget will only make for a small difference in ROI - what really matters is a narrow keyword selection that will generate more qualified leads.

Lynn Dudenhoefer



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